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Maximilian Kronmueller

My name is Maximilian Kronmueller and I am a Ph.D. student at the intersection of dynamic vehicle routing and robotics.

I work together with Javier Alonso-Mora at the University of Technology Delft within the AIRLab project (Artificial Intelligence for Retail).

My PhD project focuses on developing new methods for dynamic and stochastic vehicle routing problems, having the application of multi-vehicle on-demand last-mile delivery for retail in mind. We want to develop novel routing methods such that the desired trade-off between the fleet composition, operation cost, and system performance is achieved.

This type of problems result in a complex optimization task, including stochastic and incomplete information plus needing to chose which type of vehicle should be used for each request


It is my pleasure to do research with many people, groups and companies.

Department of Cognitive Robotics